Artisan Restaurant

Website redesign for an award winning 'Fine Dining' restaurant


Redesigning the face of a prestigious fine dining experience employing seamless functionality

During my time at Northumbria University, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Guerilla Communications on a website redesign project for Artisan Restaurant. Working alongside two other students and a developer from Guerilla, we met with representatives from the restaurant to discuss visions for the project. We sampled a variety of options from their menu to (quite literally) get a 'taste' of Artisan's core values.
This project is no longer live.

The team working on the project were very fluid and flexible with roles. After our initial client meeting, I picked apart their current site, making a list of what worked and what didn't. This was further influenced by the market & competitor research conducted, as we drafted a list of desired outcomes the new site should achieve. I then worked on creating a sitemap and created some rough wireframes. From this, I was able to find a WordPress theme that could deliver on our view for the project. I then finalised the site by adapting the theme to fit the Artisan brand, and after sign-off it was launched in August 2018. The website operated until late 2019, when parent The Biscuit Factory incorporated Artisan under their own site.

Skills In Action


UX skills were fundamental to this project's success. It was imperitive to put customers at the forefront of designs as ultimately the website would serve as an initial touchpoint them. Conducting research, sitemapping and sketching wireframes were some key elements used.

Rapid Prototyping

After creating wireframes for the site, I settled on a theme and revised those sketches in accordance with the theme capabilities. I used Adobe XD to create high fidelity mockups giving me a clear vision of how the site would come to fruition.

Web Development

With a background in HTML5 and CSS, I was able to work well using WordPress. The site used a variety of plugins to assist with table booking, newsletter requests, cookies and other functionalities.

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