A biometric evolution of mobile wallets, transforming world security


Revolutionary technology utilising smartphone capabilities to transform daily life

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BioID was a two part project created in my final year of university. BioID Hotels is a biometric solution to hotel security and customer experience. I took the project on in my first semester and investigated the biometric and travel industries thoroughly. The app allows you to register your biometrics via your smartphone which is connected with the hotel room you’re staying in. This eliminates physical check-in procedures and permits a faster and more efficient experience for both the customer and the hotel. BioID is a biometric evolution of mobile wallet apps such as 'Apple Wallet'. The project expanded on the BioID Hotels concept and looked to create a groundbreaking product quintessential with future everyday technology.

This project challenged a large range of my design skills and business knowledge. Not only did I design a product, I masterminded a company strategy influencing design choices to ensure the end result was enticing, user friendly and shaped approaches towards biometrics in a positive light. I created a prototype app demonstrating the functionalities (registering biometrics, linking applications), a website to explain the company and a promotional video to entice users into using the product.

Skills In Action


Extensive research and planning went into the branding for this project as it was vital to design a trustworthy brand. This required research into design aspects such as logos, colour theory and typography to identify what influenced users to 'trust' leading brands.

Rapid Prototyping

Numerous products were to be created to demonstrate the capabilities of the project. Websites, videos and working app prototypes were key, with the latter detailing functionalities and showcasing how the product would function.

Business Strategy

This project extended further from being an 'app' idea. I explored how this idea would function as a business, which included creating a business model canvas to display user touchpoints and revenue streams. The grounding for this also helped me identify logistics and background processes too.

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