The Innovation Lab

A physical workshop turned digital training clients in Agile working


Full creative control over an exciting new enterprise

The Innovation Lab is a project deployed by Capita Consulting (formerly Orange Bus) to train people in Agile working environments. Clients undertake a weeks worth of workshops, following a real problem they're facing and are taught new ways of tackling challenges. The lab was originally intended to be a physical space, but was adapted to accomodate remote working during the closure of offices during COVID-19.
This project has not yet fully launched.

As a Creative Designer, I defined the branding for the Lab - creating brand guidelines for other designers and stakeholders to follow. I also worked designing iconography, website pages, email designs & attachments and contributed to the style guide using atomic methodology. Due to remote working circumstances, we adapted the physical lab into a digital realm allowing me to create content and designs for Miro workshops.

Skills In Action


Created the brand identity supported by a guidelines document, iconography, workshop assets and templates. Through numerous co-design sessions, I produced multiple iterations for the logo before deciding on the 'sign based' version.

Rapid Prototyping

Using Sketch, I created numerous email & webpage designs, shared to developers via InVision. Collaborating with UX and content, I produced high fidelity designs using the brand guidelines to ensure consistency throughout the project. Designs were created using Atomic Methodology.

Key Collaboration

Constant communication was key to ensuring the project was highly efficient. Running the project in an Agile working environment allowed me to effectively collaborate with various departments including UX, content, developers and discuss design descisions with stakeholders.

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